Our commitments


At Yves Rocher, we are committed to a living beauty, out of love for nature. We are botanists, harvesters, crafters and retailers to give the best of Bretagne's nature at the fairest price since 1959. Our acts ♡ speak louder than words.

Committed Acts of love no1:

Value the genius of simple plants

For us, naturality rhymes with 100% efficiency. Pioneers and visionaries, experts in Yves Rocher's Botanical Beauty ® explore the fabulous potential of plants to design 100% plant active ingredients. For innovative and efficient products, which contribute to the respect of the environment.

Elixir Botanique, Lifting Végétal: discover our ranges of face care composed with more than 96% of natural origin ingredients.

Committed Acts of love no2:

Cultivate a positive imprint

For us, agriculture is circular. At La Gacilly we chose agroecology as a pioneer model of agriculture to regenerate and revitalize soils and environment. Thanks to the expertise of our botanists and agronomists, we have chosen regenerative farming methods that revitalize soils and environment around our fields. Our 9 emblematic plants grow in Bretagne, in a field of 60 hectares cultivated in agroecology and certified organic since 1999. We strive to promote these more virtuous agricultural practices to all of our partner producers.

As a member of UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade), we are committed to source all our natural ingredients with respect for both people and biodiversity.

Committed Acts of love no3:

Minimize environmental impact

For us, « Less Is More » less packaging, less plastic, for more sustainability. Every day, we are rethinking our packaging and habits to drastically reduce waste generation in the coming years.

Since October 2020 all our bottles are made in 100% recycled* and recyclable plastic.

*Excluding caps, pumps, labels and bottles solvents.

Committed Acts of love no4:

Protect biodiversity

For us, protecting is not a trend. Since 1959, preserving and enriching biodiversity has always been one of our key commitments in our fields and around the world. All our sites have held bird sanctuary status from France's Birds Protection League, including our Botanical Garden and the 1500 preserved plant species that compose it.

With the Yves Rocher Foundation's PLANT FOR LIFE program, 100 million trees were planted in 2020: one every three seconds.