“Policies & Procedures for Yves Rocher Ambassador”

Welcome to the Yves Rocher family, and congratulations on becoming part of a group of energetic, and talented people from around the world. Each and every one of us loves Yves Rocher products, and we want to recommend good things to other people, too. Now that Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides you with the opportunity to become an ambassador with Yves Rocher, it is a great time for you to become part of our family, in which you can be successful professionally and financially, and enjoy fame and rewards at a well-established world-class company like Yves Rocher.

These Policies & Procedures for Yves Rocher Ambassador (the “Policies”) explain how the business is operated; how to place purchase orders; how to generate stable income and returns; and how you can grow with us. The Policies are intended to determine the principles of business engagement with Yves Rocher, by identifying the relationship between you and Yves Rocher, and by setting appropriate business standards.


     1. In the Policies, the terms “Yves Rocher”, “we”, or “our” mean Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and the terms “you”, or “ambassador” shall include the terms “consultant or partner” in these Policies mean you and other ambassadors.

You must strictly comply with the Policies. Please carefully read and understand them, because they help explain and identify the relationship between you and Yves Rocher, as parties to the agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the Policies, please contact Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are determined to be by the ambassador’s side and to provide the ambassador with the information and knowledge. However, if you violate any of the Policies, we have the right to terminate or suspend your user account immediately. Therefore, we suggest that you inquire about what you are unsure of or ask for more advice regarding the Policies in order to avoid violations.

2. Yves Rocher, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend the Policies, including the Compensation Plan. Any amendment to the Policies may be the result of an amendment to a law, the Direct Sales and Direct Marketing Act, or a change in business conditions.

Upon applying to be an ambassador, you agree to comply with all Yves Rocher policies, including any updates to them, that will be announced or placed on the website,

You agree to review whether the Policies have been updated. If there is any update, you must read, study, understand, and strictly comply with the updated Policies. With your continuous business with, or receipt of compensation from Yves Rocher, you will be deemed to accept the updated Policies.

3. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Yves Rocher by visiting and choosing “Contact Us”, or contact our Customer Service division. We are always happy to help you.

Chapter 1 Code of Ethics

As an ambassador, you agree to comply with the following policies.

1.1. You will not mention income amounts. You will neither talk about potential income nor guarantee income from Yves Rocher business. You will study the Yves Rocher Compensation Plan to ensure that the details of compensation presented to prospects (those who want to become ambassador or consultants) and other ambassadors are true and correct, and to avoid misunderstanding of the calculation and payment of compensation. You will always repeatedly tell new ambassadors that a person's success depends on his or her effort. You will present information, numbers or facts regarding the Yves Rocher Social Selling business as provided in documents or other materials officially prepared by Yves Rocher only.

1.2. You will accurately describe the benefits of products. You will present product information as provided in documents and other materials prepared by Yves Rocher, with neither addition nor diminishment for the purpose of modification or concealment. To ensure that customers get correct, accurate, and useful product information, you must always review the documents and materials in which Yves Rocher product information is included to ensure that they are the most updated and distributed by Yves Rocher only. You must thoroughly study the information of each Yves Rocher product so that you can recommend the right products for customers and explain how to properly use them.

1.3. You will sell Yves Rocher products only via permitted channels. You will sell an Yves Rocher product via “My Personal Website” only. For sustainability in business, you will not sell the products at the price lower than the price determined by Yves Rocher. You will strictly comply with Yves Rocher’s policies regarding the sale of products.

         1.4. Your Yves Rocher business will be ethical. You will neither recommend nor support overbuying. You will not hoard products, arrange deceptive activities, or falsify your Yves Rocher account (“account falsification”), such as:

         · The unauthorized use of another person’s information to apply as an ambassador;

         · Deceiving any person to apply as an ambassador by using an improper method;

         · Using the name of a non-existing person to apply as an ambassador;

         · Buying an Yves Rocher product on behalf of another ambassador or by logging in to another ambassador’s account or using another ambassador’s password; or

        · Using other methods which do not involve the actual purchases of products by customers who are end users, or actual registration by a person who is interested in being an ambassador, to ensure that you qualify for a promotion, or a bonus, or commission.

        1.5. You will not infringe upon intellectual property, and you will not disclose confidential information. You will not commit an infringement regarding Yves Rocher’s intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights. You will not use the trademark “อีฟ โรเช” or “YVES ROCHER” or the name of any Yves Rocher product as the domain name of a website or Yves Rocher’s logo. You will not record customers’ confidential information, including credit card information.

        1.6. You will provide your customers with the best service. You will provide prompt help and support to customers, as necessary, including help and support with the change or return of products, or claims for refunds.

        1.7. You will run your business with honesty. You will run your business with transparency and integrity, and without falsification. You will abide by the Yves Rocher values, and you will not commit any violation of the law which may cause damage or effects to Yves Rocher, your ambassadors, or yourself.

        1.8. You will contact us with queries if you have questions. If you have any question regarding Yves Rocher's Code of Ethics or the Policies, please contact Yves Rocher by visiting and choosing "Contact Us", or contact our Customer Service division. We are always happy to help you.

        1.9. In all communication channels you use to communicate regarding Yves Rocher, both online and offline, you must clearly identify yourself as an Yves Rocher ambassador, Yves Rocher consultant, or Yves Rocher partner, e.g., by specifying your ambassador code, or stating that you are an Yves Rocher ambassador.

Chapter 2 Definitions

Definitions for Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan is a part of these Yves Rocher Policies & Procedures. The following terms are defined as specified.

Yves Rocher means Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Compensation Plan means the Yves Rocher Compensation Plan.

Ambassador or Potential means a person who applies for membership with Yves Rocher through the website, or the LINE Official Account: YvesRocherAmbassador, who will be entitled to buy products and participate in the business by recommending Yves Rocher products by sharing his or her own coded link, or by recruiting applicants who use his or her code when applying. Ambassadors or Potentials are not deemed Yves Rocher employees or officers.

Consultant means an ambassador who has all the qualifications prescribed by Yves Rocher and has been promoted to Yves Rocher consultant. Once you have been promoted to consultant, you will be invited to join the “Yves Rocher Consultant Community” Facebook group, an online community, where tips on how to become successful will be shared, and where your queries will be answered by experts. We offer special programs, on a monthly basis, and additional bonuses which will be announced in the “Yves Rocher Consultant Community” Facebook group. You will be supported by coaches with extensive experience in order to increase your monthly income. You will have the opportunity to join online training sessions on various topics, such as content creation, online identity creation, product giveaway activities, playing games and winning prizes, and many other activities. Consultants are not deemed Yves Rocher employees or officers.

Partner means a consultant who has passed the qualification for positions L1 to L3. Partners are not deemed Yves Rocher employees or officers.

Line means a network of associated ambassadors.

Upline means an agent of an upper rank within a line, starting from your sponsor, and above.

Downline means every agent of a lower rank within a line, including agents for whom you are the direct sponsor, and agents at the frontline of the agents for whom you are the sponsor.

Frontline means the rank of a downline that is one rank below you.

Active means a status in which at least one purchase is made in three consecutive months after the last month that had a purchase transaction. If no purchase has been made for four consecutive months after the last month that had a purchase transaction, you will become inactive.

Inactive means a status in which no purchase has been made for four consecutive months. If an ambassador is inactive for 12 months, his or her status as an ambassador will be terminated. In this case, you will no longer be eligible for benefits or compensation generated through your downlines.

Qualify means to meet the requirements specified in the Compensation Plan in order to get promoted and receive compensation provided for each position.

Campaign means a qualification period or one month.

Bonus and Commission means gross compensation that you will receive from Yves Rocher from achieving the required score within each particular campaign or each month.

Position of an Ambassador means the position of an ambassador who is qualified in accordance with the Compensation Plan, which has six positions, namely, the Potential position, the Ambassador position, the Consultant position, the Leader L1 position, the Leader L2 position, and the Leader L3 position.

Chapter 3 Application for a Position of an Ambassador

3.1 Qualification

All Yves Rocher ambassadors can engage in transactions with Yves Rocher in accordance with the Policies but may receive different benefits.

3.2 Qualifications of an applicant

3.2.1 Applicants must be at least 15 years of age. If he or she is less than 20 years of age and has not become sui juris in other legal respects, consent from a legal representative is required to enter into this agreement, whereby the following documents must be submitted to Customer Service division:

         · a certified copy of the applicant’s national identification card;

         · a certified copy of the legal representative or guardian of the minor applicant’s national identification card, e.g., father, mother or guardian;

         · a copy of house registration or document issued by governmental authority which clearly identify that a person is the legal guardian/father/mother of the minor applicant;

         · a copy of bank passbook or document detailed with account name (the account name must match with the applicant’s name); and

         · All documents must be sent to email: or LINE ID: @yvesrochercare.

3.2.2 Ambassador confirms that the personal data provided in the application belongs to him or her, and the application is made by him or her.

3.2.3 The personal data of the ambassador provided in the application is correct and up to date.

3.2.4 If the ambassador intentionally provides incorrect material personal data in the application which might cause any legal risks or damage to Yves Rocher, for example, the applicant not being of the required minimum age, Yves Rocher shall be entitled to terminate the status of an ambassador and reserves all rights to terminate the benefits the ambassador is entitled to receive from the business.

3.2.5 Ambassador is required to provide a certified copy of the applicant’s national identification card, and a copy of bank passbook that the account name matches with the applicant’s name for the purpose of receiving commissions. Yves Rocher reserves the rights with respect to the commission payments if you fail to provide such documents.

3.2.6 Applicants must accept these Policies and Yves Rocher’s Compensation Plan in all respects.

3.2.7 Applying for Yves Rocher ambassador is free of charge.

Remark: One ambassador can apply for only one code.

In applying for a position as an ambassador, you can apply via LINE Official Account: YvesRocherAmbassador and add friend @yrambassador or click, or apply via the Yves Rocher website:, by filling in the application with complete, true, and correct information and study the relevant information and these Policies. You are not allowed to provide the telephone number or address of another person.

Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd. reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion in approving the application to be an ambassador submitted by any person.

3.3 Ambassador identification number or ambassador code

An ambassador will receive an ambassador identification number called an “ambassador code”, which will be used to identify the ambassador and his or her user account. Please use this code when recommending the products so that you will not miss your opportunity in receiving commissions from orders placed under your ambassador code.

Chapter 4 Ambassador Status and User Account

4.1 One ambassador one account

            · You can have only one Yves Rocher user account and one ambassador code.

            · You cannot change the particulars provided in the user account or contact details (which are the name, address, date of birth, and number of national identification card or passport) in order to open another user account.

4.2 Change of particulars provided in a user account (such as name and address)

You can request a change of any particular provided in your user account, but you cannot request a change of any particular of another ambassador. Another ambassador cannot request a change of any particular provided in your user account either.

4.2.1 Change of the name

To change the name of a user account, please contact the Yves Rocher Customer Service division and present the following supporting documents and information: (1) a copy of the national identification card or passport; (2) the ambassador code; and (3) the address, telephone number, and email address. Our officer may request additional documents for processing transactions. You may contact Customer Service division for more information during normal business hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. at 02-021-5556, or via email:, or LINE ID :@yvesrochercare.

4.2.2 Change of the address or telephone number

You can change the address or telephone number on your My Personal Website. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service division for more information during normal business hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m. at 02-021-5556, or via email:, or LINE ID :@yvesrochercare. We are always happy to help you.

Chapter 5 Rights and Responsibilities of Ambassadors

5.1 Benefits for ambassadors

Every ambassador will receive benefits under the Policies and the Compensation Plan, including:

            · marketing and the sharing of codes or links for the sale of Yves Rocher products to end users (an end user means a customer that actually uses the product);

            · compensation under the Compensation Plan;

            · being a sponsor for new ambassadors and constituting a business organization; and

            · participation in promotional activities, services, training, competitions, inspirational activities, and recognition activities organized by Yves Rocher.

5.2 Ambassador status

Every ambassador is an independent contractor. No covenant between you and Yves Rocher will constitute the relationship of employee and employer, organization, or partners, agents, or co-investors, between you and Yves Rocher. You are solely responsible for:

            · as an ambassador, managing your time, venue, and method for the organization of activities;

            · setting your own goal, and determining your time frames and selling patterns, in accordance with the Policies; and

            · submitting the necessary documents, and paying taxes imposed on the income or compensation you receive from the business.

Yves Rocher will neither deduct money for nor make contributions to the Social Security Fund or the Workmen’s Compensation Fund and is not responsible for compensation or other payments under labour law. Yves Rocher will deduct withholding tax from bonuses as required under applicable laws. Yves Rocher will not treat you in the same manner as we treat our employees and officers.

5.3 No discrimination

Yves Rocher has opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, ability, physical limitation, religion, or political ideology. You must provide business opportunities to everyone without discrimination, and must ensure that everyone understands that Yves Rocher business opportunities are for everyone.

5.4 Mention of income

If you want to talk about possible income from the business, you must comply with Clause 1.1 of the Policies. If you provide false or incorrect income information, you may be subject to legal action, and may need to indemnify Yves Rocher. Yves Rocher will not be responsible for any damage incurred by you or other persons in any case.

5.5 Violation of the law

Your business operation must not violate any law by any means which may cause damage or negative effects to the reputation of Yves Rocher.

5.6 Yves Rocher Ambassador recruitment

Applicants must register through only. You may ask administration staff questions by clicking “Chat with admin” in the menu of the LINE Official Account: @YvesRocherAmbassador.

5.7 Falsification of user accounts

Ambassadors are not allowed to falsify their accounts. Examples of account falsification are provided in Clause 1.4 of the Policies.

If we discover that you have falsified an account, you will be ineligible for compensation or promotion. Yves Rocher may also terminate your code and/or user account as it sees fit.

5.8 Conflict of interest

            · You must neither recommend nor promote products, services, incentives, business opportunities, or business plans that do not belong to Yves Rocher while you are offering Yves Rocher products or business opportunities.

            · You must not persuade another Yves Rocher ambassador to violate the Policies or terminate his or her position as an ambassador with Yves Rocher.

            · You must not disclose any confidential information of Yves Rocher to a third party.

5.9 Report of violations of the Policies

If you find any ambassador taking part in, or committing, any violation of the Policies, you should report the violation directly to Yves Rocher.

Chapter 6 Yves Rocher Business Operation

6.1 Maintaining ambassador status

Applying for Yves Rocher ambassador is free of charge. You will receive compensation only when you have met all the qualifications prescribed by Yves Rocher in the Compensation Plan.

6.2 Business operation areas

You can operate your Yves Rocher Social business in any district or province, and other ambassadors can operate their businesses in the same district or province as you.

6.3 Withholding tax

Yves Rocher will deduct an amount of withholding tax from compensation paid and issue a withholding tax certificate to the ambassador. The withholding tax certificate shall be filed by the ambassador for annual tax filing.

6.4 Request for copies of documents

Yves Rocher reserves the right to charge fees for the preparation of copies of documents upon your request.

6.5 Sale of products to customers

Ambassadors must sell Yves Rocher products to customers online by persuading such customers to apply as Yves Rocher ambassador with you as their sponsor; hereinafter, they will be called your team members. You and your team members should only make purchase transactions online through the Yves Rocher website. Your team members will receive the products from Yves Rocher by delivery to their address. Successful selling relies on good relationships with your team members. You should instruct them on how to use the products, both before and after their purchases. Under the Policies, you are not encouraged to sell products through a forced or one-time sale. Yves Rocher expects sustainable sales, through your good relationships with your team members. Regular customer service provision is the best thing you can do, not only for your own benefit, but also to maintain a good relationship and understanding between you and your team members.

6.5.1 The permitted sales channel for Yves Rocher products is Yves Rocher’s online selling platform (such as your My Personal Website of Yves Rocher). All purchase orders for Yves Rocher products must be placed via the website only in order to be taken into consideration for compensation, commission, bonuses, or other income from the campaign.

6.5.2 Personal relationships are necessary for your success as an ambassador. Good relationships also help to add value to products that your team members will receive from you. Therefore, we suggest that you always provide your contact details to your team members as a way to let them know that you are happy to answer questions and give advice and solutions before and after selling any type of product. You should study Yves Rocher documents to which you can refer and use tools to assist you in providing information. You can contact Yves Rocher directly for advice on how to answer questions.

6.5.3 Yves Rocher will issue a receipt to the customer for every purchase. If the customer fails to present the receipt, Yves Rocher reserves the right to reject the request for a guarantee.

6.5.4 Payment. Customers can make payment on the website ( by credit card (Visa®, MasterCard®, and others) or debit card, by money transfer through internet banking, by Rabbit LINE Pay, and by TrueMoney Wallet.

6.5.5 Delivery. Yves Rocher may charge delivery and management fees for products ordered from Yves Rocher. The details of delivery and management fees for product will be notified on the website. Delivery and management fees are subject to change.

6.5.6 Bonuses. Bonuses, rewards, or compensation for each month will be based on purchase orders and payments transacted within that month. For Yves Rocher to calculate bonuses or other compensation within a month, purchase orders and payments must be completed by 11.59 p.m. [on the last day of that month]. Paid purchase orders in a month will be taken into consideration for an ambassador’s qualification for the assessment of positioning and eligibility for bonuses. Compensation and sales incentives will be based on the volume of paid transactions.

6.5.7 Ambassadors must examine the products upon receipt to ensure that the received products are complete and in perfect condition. Ambassadors must also check whether the products will expire soon, have expired already, or are damaged. Ambassadors must also check whether the packaging of a product is perfectly sealed or whether the seal has been broken. If ambassadors receive a product with a defect, the ambassadors must notify the Customer Service division of the defect in order to request an exchange of the product within 15 days of the date of receipt of the product.

6.5.8 Ambassadors must inform customers about how to store and keep products. Every Yves Rocher product should be kept in a cool, dry, and hygienic place, or in accordance with the instructions on the label of the product.

6.6. Refunds

6.6.1 Ambassadors can cancel their order or return a product within 15 days of the date of receipt of the product. In this case, Yves Rocher will make a full refund to the customer within 15 days of the date of the request, provided that the product is in perfect condition, the packaging is perfectly sealed, and the seal has not been broken.

6.6.2 If an ambassador wants to return a product and request a refund due to allergy, you may contact the Customer Service division by returning the product to Yves Rocher together with the receipt issued by Yves Rocher and a medical certificate indicating that you are allergic to an ingredient in the Yves Rocher product. The customer will receive a full refund, in accordance with the receipt submitted to support the request for the refund.

6.6.3 Exchange of a product in the case that the product is damaged during delivery. If a product is damaged during delivery, you may request an exchange of the product by contacting the Customer Service division within 15 days of the date of receipt of the product. Once Yves Rocher has verified the matter, Yves Rocher will send a replacement product at no additional cost.

6.6.4 Once the ambassador has ended his or her business with Yves Rocher, he or she cannot participate in Yves Rocher business for 6 months after the date of termination of the ambassador code.

Chapter 7 Promotion of Yves Rocher Products and Your Business

7.1 You must not build a website with the trade name, trademark, logo, product image, design, or copyrighted information, in English or Thai, of Yves Rocher or use it on your own website without prior written approval from Yves Rocher.

7.2 You must not build a website with the trade name “อีฟ โรเช” or “Yves Rocher”, in Thai or English, registered as its domain name.

7.3 The trade name of Yves Rocher, i. e., “อีฟ โรเช” or “Yves Rocher,” in Thai or English, must not be included in your name in social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LINE. You must also clearly state that you are an Yves Rocher ambassador or Yves Rocher consultant.

Chapter 8 Being Sponsors and Leaders

8.1 Qualifications of leaders

Please study the qualifications of leaders in the Yves Rocher manual and the Policies.

8.2 Responsibilities

If you are an upline, you must be responsible for all of your team members within your line to comply with these Policies and any other policies of Yves Rocher, as well as to prevent improper or illegal conduct.

8.3 Support for your team members

We encourage leaders to set an example for downlines in their own line and to instruct downlines to maintain proper conduct when engaging in the Yves Rocher business. We encourage you to communicate with your team members in your line on a regular basis and to always support your team members. Communication includes sending newsletters and emails, personal meetings, phone communication, and taking downlines to participate in Yves Rocher conventions, or other activities arranged by Yves Rocher. In building your community and persuading your team members or staff members to join your community, you shall ensure that your team members or staff members have already joined the Yves Rocher Consultant Community Facebook group so that they will not miss any competition activities, special activities, or bonuses.

8.4 Training on products, selling, and compensation

Leaders or uplines are responsible for providing new ambassadors on the information of Yves Rocher products, efficient selling techniques, and Yves Rocher's Compensation Plan. We encourage you to provide assistance to new ambassadors to ensure that they are familiar with data sources and other help tools, including the Customer Service division and the website.

8.5 Provision of information set forth in the Policies

Every ambassador must study, understand, and comply with the most updated Policies. When you have recruited new ambassadors, you must check whether they have access to the latest Policies, including the Compensation Plan.

Chapter 9 Confidential Information and Personal Data

9.1 Respect for your privacy

From time to time, Yves Rocher may mention an ambassador, the sales volume, or compensation in Yves Rocher media. If you do not want this information to be published, please notify Yves Rocher through the Customer Service division.

9.2 Protection of customer data

To protect personal data, including financial data, you must not keep the credit card information or payment records of any other persons with you, even for the purpose of facilitating future purchase orders of your team members. If you keep or possess the credit card information used by your team members to purchase Yves Rocher products, you must destroy the information by destroying the documents containing the information or by other methods normally used to manage confidential documents. You shall not disclose or use names, addresses, photos, or other information of your team members without their consent.

9.3 Protection of Yves Rocher’s information

You must protect Yves Rocher’s confidential information as explained in the Policies.

9.4 Yves Rocher’s privacy policy

Yves Rocher is aware of the importance of the privacy of visitors and users of our website, and the privacy of the purchasers of Yves Rocher products on the website. Please study [Yves Rocher’s privacy policy and terms and conditions of data usage] to ensure that you understand how Yves Rocher stores and uses your information.

Chapter 10 Compensation

10.1 Compensation structure

Compensation will be paid to ambassadors in accordance with our Compensation Plan, which you can find on If you have other questions, please contact our Customer Service division.

You will receive the “Commission Earned” within 15 days of the end of the month or the end of the campaign. The bank account must bear the same name as the name indicated in the ambassador application. Yves Rocher will transfer the commission to you after Yves Rocher received all documents specified in Clause 3.2 hereunder.

10.2 Cash payment

Yves Rocher pays neither cash advances nor cash bonuses, regardless of the amount.

10.3 Gifts and rewards – delivery and taxes

The delivery of gifts or rewards depends on the type of object. Usually, Yves Rocher delivers gifts or rewards to you after the month in which you have met the qualifications required for those gifts or rewards or in the following month. Yves Rocher will announce the list of all gifts or rewards that you have received in Yves Rocher Consultant Community Facebook Group.

10.4 Vacation and activity prizes

If you win a vacation or activity prize, you must comply with the following terms and conditions.

10.4.1 Scope of liability. Participants in a trip or an activity arranged by Yves Rocher must accept the risks that they may incur. Each participant will release Yves Rocher from, and will hold Yves Rocher, its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and agents harmless from and as a result of damage, injury, death, loss, legal suit, debt, amount of money, responsibility, or liability incurred by the trip participant. Yves Rocher will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage arising from, or in connection with, Yves Rocher's trips, to the extent permitted by law, including direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages that arise from participation in an Yves Rocher’s trip.

10.4.2 Taxes on vacation prizes. You may be liable for taxes based on the value of the vacation prize you have received. The taxes regarding vacation prizes must be filed with the Revenue Department. An amount of money will be deducted for the taxes and recorded in a withholding tax certificate that will be issued to the ambassador. If an ambassador has met all the qualifications to win a vacation prize for two people (for example, the ambassador and an invitee), both of them will be liable for taxes on the combined value.

10.4.3 Photo policy. Yves Rocher reserves the right to use photographs or videos recorded during activities for publishing and publicizing, without compensation. If you do not want Yves Rocher to use photographs or videos in which you appear, you must provide Yves Rocher with written notice before the trip begins.

10.4.4 To be eligible to participate in trips or activities, you must have no outstanding unpaid amount or deficit in your user account regarding product purchases.

10.4.5 Additional participants in vacation trips. The ambassador and the invitee must register before taking part in the trip. If the invitee is not registered, he or she will not be able to participate in any activities arranged by Yves Rocher, including accommodation, travel, meals, and other activities.

10.4.6 Cash value. Yves Rocher will announce in advance, on each occasion, whether a vacation prize has a cash value and can be converted to cash if you cannot join the trip.

10.4.7 Force majeure. Yves Rocher will not be responsible for any damage caused by a delay or default, if the delay or default is caused by an uncontrollable event, including but not limited to, a climate condition, force majeure event, governmental restriction, war, riot, and/or other incident that is out of Yves Rocher's reasonable ability to control.

10.4.8 Registration at the activity venue. You cannot register and obtain documents regarding a vacation prize in place of another person or another invitee.

Chapter 11 Termination of a position as an Ambassador, Consultant or Partner

11.1 Termination under the Policies

You have the right to end your position as an ambassador in accordance with the Policies.

11.2 Violation of the Policies

If you violate any of the Policies, Yves Rocher may proceed with one or several actions as follows:

            · terminate your position as an ambassador and Yves Rocher user account;

            · provide a new line or network for you;

            · change your ambassador position;

            · refuse to pay your compensation; or

            · reject your participation in an activity or a vacation prize.

The termination is effective immediately on the date of the ambassador's receipt of the termination notice in person, by phone, by email, by post, or delivered by an express courier service to the ambassador’s present address or to the ambassador’s legal advisor.

11.3 Re-application

In the case that you request the closing of your Yves Rocher user account, once you have closed your Yves Rocher user account, you will not be able to re-apply for Yves Rocher ambassador for 6 months from the date of termination of the code. During these 6 months, you will not be able to purchase or sell Yves Rocher products or provide support to any Yves Rocher ambassador. You will not be able to participate in any activities provided for ambassadors or consultants, or other Yves Rocher activities, by any means. However, you will still be able to purchase Yves Rocher products as a customer, so long as you are an actual user of the product, and you will not resell it. If Yves Rocher closes your user account due to your violation of any of the Policies, you will not be able to re-apply for Yves Rocher ambassador.

Yves Rocher reserves the right to reject re-registration.

In the case that you are inactive for 12 months, Yves Rocher will automatically cancel your user account, and you will be able to re-apply as an ambassador with Yves Rocher again immediately.

How to Apply

You may apply via the LINE Official Account: YvesRocherAmbassador and add friend @yrambassador, or click, or apply via the Yves Rocher website at

Customer Service Division

Normal service hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Telephone no.: 02-021-5556 Email:

LINE ID: @yvesrochercare