Terms and Conditions

Section A: Terms and Conditions for Yves Rocher Ambassadors

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) are made between Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd., hereafter called the “Company”, and the person who has already applied to be a Yves Rocher Ambassador of the Company, hereafter called the “ambassador”.

In the Terms and Conditions, the terms “Yves Rocher”, “we”, or “our” mean Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and the terms “you”, or “ambassador” shall include the terms “consultant or partner” in these Terms and Conditions mean you and other ambassadors.

The ambassador is entitled to receive income from recommending the Company’s products by sharing his or her own sponsor code or personal link specifying his or her sponsor code for purchase orders placed via the Company’s website, the Company’s LINE official account, and other channels the Company might make available in the future. In order to receive the benefits as determined by the Company, such channels must be ones linked to the Company’s database. Please note that the ambassador’s rights might be affected by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the granting of benefits by the Company; therefore, the ambassador should read and understand the Terms and Conditions thoroughly. Should there be concerns related to the Company’s services, the ambassador is encouraged to ask the Company immediately. The Terms and Conditions are as follows:

1. Definitions

Ambassadormeans a person who applied for membership with Yves Rocher Social through the website, and who will be entitled to buy products and participate in the business by recommending Yves Rocher’s products. Ambassadors are not deemed Yves Rocher’s employees or officers.

Once the business has been developed by an “Ambassador” and have met the qualifications prescribed by the Company, you will be called a “consultant” or a “partner”, which depend on your efforts. In this regard, “consultants” and “partners” are not deemed Yves Rocher’s employees or officers.

2. Ambassador Application

A person who wants to apply as an Ambassador can apply via the LINE Official Account: YvesRocherAmbassador and add friend @yrambassador, or click, or apply via the Yves Rocher website at

3. Personal Data

The collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal data and the rights of the data subject are set out in the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy in Section B.

4. Ambassador’s Qualifications and Responsibilities

The Ambassador acknowledges and confirms that:

4.1 An Ambassador must be at least 15 years of age. If he or she is less than 20 years of age and has not become sui juris in other legal respects, consent from a legal representative is required to enter into this agreement. The following documents must be submitted to the Customer Service division:

            · a certified copy of the applicant’s national identification card;

            · a certified copy of the legal representative or guardian of the minor applicant’s national identification card, e.g., father, mother or guardian;

            · a copy of house registration or document issued by governmental authority which clearly identify that a person is the legal guardian/father/mother of the minor applicant;

            · a copy of bank passbook or document detailed with account name (the account name must match with the applicant’s name); and

            · All documents must be sent to email: or LINE ID: @yvesrochercare.

4.2 Ambassador confirms that the personal data provided in the application belongs to him or her, and the application is made by him or her.

4.3 The personal data of the Ambassador provided in the application is correct and up to date.

4.4 If the Ambassador intentionally provides incorrect material personal data in the application which might cause any legal risks or damage to the Company, for example, the applicant not being of the required minimum age, the Company shall be entitled to terminate the status of an Ambassador and reserves all rights to terminate the benefits the Ambassador is entitled to receive from the business.

4.5 Ambassador is required to provide a certified copy of the applicant’s national identification card, and a copy of bank passbook that the account name matches with the applicant’s name for the purpose of receiving commissions. The Company reserves the rights with respect to the commission payments if you fail to provide such documents.

5. Benefits

The Ambassador agrees and accepts that benefits offered by the Company to each Ambassador may differ depending on the purchase history, link sharing of each person, promotion of each product type, and/or marketing policy of the Company.

6. Cancellation

The Ambassador agrees and accepts that the Company is entitled to reject this application without returning any documents to the applicant, or cancel the status of an Ambassador, without clarification of such rejection/cancellation. Should the Ambassador wish to cancel the status of an Ambassador, the Ambassador should contact the Customer Service division of the Company.

7. Changes, Amendments, Additions

7.1 The Ambassador agrees to and accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Company given to the Ambassador upon the request to apply as an Ambassador, including any changes, and amendments that may arise in the future without prior notice from the Company.

7.2 The Ambassador agrees and accepts that the Company is entitled to change the Terms and Conditions, redemptions, benefits, and privileges without prior notice. Should any conflict arise, the Company’s decision is considered final.

8. Ambassador Application Fee

At present, the Company does not have a policy regarding Ambassador application fee. However, the Company reserves all rights to change the application fee rate. Notice will be given to the Ambassador prior to any such change.

9. Emergencies/Complaints

In case of an emergency or a complaint relating to the Terms and Conditions, please contact the Customer Service division by sending an email to or a message to the LINE ID: @yvesrochercare during normal service hours, details of which specified in the annex attached hereto.

10. Reservation

The application and use of Ambassador benefits are applicable to Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd. only. The Company, at and to its sole discretion and satisfaction, may change the benefits without prior notice.

The Company has no intention to collect, use, or disclose personal data for product, service, or benefit offerings to the Ambassador, nor to track the Ambassador’s behavior whilst the Ambassador is in other countries.

Ambassador Agreement

Yves Rocher (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and I (the “Ambassador”) agree to enter into this Agreement as follows.

Clause 1. Purpose of the Agreement

1.1 The Company agrees to appoint the Ambassador, and the Ambassador agrees to be appointed, as Ambassador in order to conduct marketing and offer for sale the Company’s products, as they appear on the website, to customers through the Company’s website only. Sales can be made via online channels authorized by the Company only.

1.2 The Ambassador has no right to:

      1.2.1 receive money or any property from customers;

      1.2.2 issue any receipts, evidentiary documents, or certificates on behalf of the Company;

      1.2.3 offer any payment, discount, or remuneration to customers;

      1.2.4 sign any sales documents on behalf of the Company, amend, change, or revoke any rules or conditions on the sales documents or other documents of the Company;

      1.2.5 perform any other acts other than those specified in Clause 1.2 by representing himself or herself as a representative, agent, employee, attorney, or any person related to the Company, or by using the Company’s name in performing such acts; or

1.2.6 appoint a substitute representative or authorize another person to perform his or her obligations under this Agreement.

Clause 2. Payment of Compensation

The Company agrees to pay compensation to the Ambassador in accordance with the terms and conditions on payment of compensation described in the Company’s Compensation Plan, and the Policies & Procedures, which are deemed an integral part of this Agreement.

Clause 3. Duties of the Ambassador

3.1 The Ambassador will strictly comply with the Policies & Procedures, and these Terms and Conditions.

3.2 The Ambassador will offer the Company’s products to customers and ask them to place purchase orders via your My Personal Website of Yves Rocher only[1].

3.3 The Ambassador must explain and clarify to the customers the rules and conditions of sales and link sharing, as well as the rules and conditions for the return of products.

Clause 4. Legal Relationship between the Parties

This Agreement does not form a legal relationship of employment or partnership between the Company and the Ambassador.

Clause 5. Termination of the Agreement

The Ambassador may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice at least 30 days in advance. The Company may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the Ambassador effective immediately.

Clause 6. Other Conditions

6.1 No relaxation, extension of time, or failure by either party to exercise any right available to that party against the other party under this Agreement will be deemed as a waiver of any right or benefit available to that party against the other party and will not prejudice the exercising of such right in the future.

6.2 Any notice or document sent to the intended party at the address specified in the Ambassador’s application form will be deemed duly delivered to and acknowledged by that party on the date on which that notice or document should arrive in the normal course of delivery.

6.3 The Company reserves the right to amend, change, add, or modify any conditions specified herein, including the details of the documents attached hereto, without the prior consent of the Ambassador.

6.4 The Ambassador may not transfer his or her rights and/or obligations under this Agreement to a third party.

6.5 This Agreement is governed by the laws of Thailand.

I have read the contents hereof and thoroughly understand them and find them to be in accordance with my intention.

Customer Service Division

Normal service hours: Monday to Saturday between 9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Telephone no.: 02-021-5556 Email:

LINE ID: @yvesrochercare

[1] โปรดพิจารณาว่าสำนักงานเข้าใจถูกต้องหรือไม่